Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Contract & What's Next

Several weeks ago I realized I had enough airline points to snag a free trip to visit my family in Maryland. The timing was sketchy - my husband would have to take off work, our daughter may or may not be in the hospital, high school football was starting, and cheer season was getting underway...but I had been desperately missing my family and just as desperately craving a small break from all that this year has heaped on our family.

My hubby encouraged me to go, so Saturday evening, I boarded that free flight.

Four hours before boarding? I popped my signed Harlequin contract in the mail. 

The first contract I signed was exciting, three long years ago. It was also a total shock, following entering a contest on a whim.

The second contract was so much more.  It was relief. It was hope. It was a gift.

And now, it's crunch time. Yesterday, I submitted a list of title ideas. Next week, I'll get the Art Facts Sheet in. And revisions are due the 24th. 

The last time I experienced this whirlwind publishing process, I was consumed by fear and self-doubt. This time, I'm having a blast.  

One truth I've begun to more fully grasp this year is that fear steals joy, self-doubt limits opportunity, and sometimes you've got to fail before you succeed. 

Oh, and by the way, my trip back home was the best it could be, and even more amazing than signing my second book contract. Staying at my parents' house is like staying at a super comfy, quiet, and beautiful bed & breakfast - only better, because I'm surrounded by family and comfort food. Nothing beats face-to-face time with my people.

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