Sunday, August 13, 2017

Titles & Art Facts Sheets

I've completed two more steps in the publishing process.

First, the official title was chosen last week:

Dying to Remember

I love it! My heroine struggles with bouts of amnesia and brain fog, making her a vulnerable target for the protagonist - hence, the very appropriate title. :)

Second, I completed the Art Facts Sheet.

The Art Facts Sheet (AFS) is kind of fun to complete, minus writing a 300- to 500-word synopsis. :) The book cover is designed using descriptions and facts recorded in the AFS. Here, authors get to scour the Internet for photos of people who resemble our characters, places that look like our settings, and other important visual clues that may be important to our scenes. Authors describe three possible scenes for the book cover - the mood, the time of day, the season, the weather, and even the clothing the characters are wearing. 

The cover for my first book didn't really resemble any of the scenes I suggested, so I'm curious to see what will happen with this one. 

Next up on my list of things to do: Complete the revisions on this manuscript, due August 24.

Things just got crazy around here, though! I decided to pick up a second class teaching at the community college. Unlike last year when I taught two identical courses, this year I'm teaching two different ones - and on two different campuses. I'm excited to expand my knowledge base, but a little overwhelmed with the short time frame I have to familiarize myself with two new textbooks, create two new syllabi, and plan out the semester for two separate courses.

At the same time, I'm just excited to be jumping back into life. Aaliyah only has two treatments left, and we are all hoping life will start feeling a bit more normal over the next month or so. Well, "normal" might be pushing it. I'll settle for "even-keeled" or "somewhat uneventful." :O)

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