Saturday, January 27, 2018

Leap #2: Proposal Submission

Very late Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning, technically), I finally submitted my proposal to my editor at Harlequin. Sometimes I wonder why it takes so much courage just to click "Send" on an e-mail. 

As soon as I sent the e-mail, however, I just felt relieved. Whatever may come, I took another flying leap. I completed a project I set out to complete, and for that I choose to be happy. The proposal was somewhere around 60 pages, including a detailed synopsis of the first book with three chapters, plus a brief synopsis on each of two additional book ideas. 

While I wait to hear back on the proposal, I will write. I'm working on a couple of projects. I'm spending the most time on the LIS book, which is written but needs to be revised quite a bit. On the side, I've been doing some interesting research for a mainstream fiction book I've had in the works for years. I came to a point where it was mostly complete, but missing authenticity. Parts of the novel take place in the past, and I couldn't decide if I wanted to set those chapters in the 20s, 30s, or 40s. After watching a couple documentaries on the times (America in Color is a series on Netflix that covers several decades of American history, and even my sons found the episodes we watched to be interesting) and checking out a few books at the library, I'm pretty sure I've settled on the 1920s. In fact, today I came across a piece of history that aligns so well with my story, I could hardly believe it. I'd been trying to figure out some missing details for an important scene - some whys and hows that I just didn't have enough knowledge for - and it all came together for me today when watching the 1920s episode of America in Color

In addition to the LIS and the research, I am slowly working on one short freelance piece at a time. I miss working with magazines, and I'd love to start getting back into some journalistic writing again.  The freelancing component of my work is definitely taking a backseat to the other two projects, but on days where I want to tackle something smaller, it's nice to have a little side project to work on.

In case you were wondering where I'm finding all the time to do this writing, I have to admit that I'm not finding a lot of it lately! I'm in a three-week crunch period of piano practicing right now because I have a couple of accompaniment gigs coming up that require me to learn a bunch of music and attend a bunch of practices. So, I'm being kind to myself for the next couple of weeks before I get back to what has been a pretty regimented writing routine. My writing goal through February 10 is to revise a chapter a night of the LIS book, and do research for the mainstream whenever I have spare time.

My progress for the next couple of weeks will be slow, but two leaps in one month seems to be a good start to the new year. :)

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