Friday, February 23, 2018

Landed a New Contract!

It was not even on my radar that today might be THE DAY. 

I was busy packing for an overnighter with my daughters when the phone rang. I thought I heard my son's name on the caller ID, so I didn't pick up because I was in a little bit of a trip prep frenzy. I was about to text and ask what he needed when I heard my editor's voice on the answering machine. 

I dropped everything and ran - literally RAN - across the house to find the phone. Yes, we still have a landline. I have no explanation. 

The offer was for a two-book contract, and even though I had submitted a proposal for three books, disappointment didn't even register. I was thrilled. And slightly terrified. Now comes what I've been working for and also dreading...writing books on firm deadlines. But then, my word for 2018 was LEAP, and scheduling deadlines for two complete manuscripts in one year is a leap I'm excited to take. 

The next two books will round out a three-book mini series that starts with Dying to Remember, which reminds me...

About an hour after my phone call with my editor, my advanced copies of Dying to Remember appeared on my porch! 

It was an epic writer's day, to say the least. I'll be offering a giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

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