Friday, April 20, 2018

Guest Posts for MD Anderson's Cancerwise Blog

In January, I received an email from one of MD Anderson's communications specialists about potentially writing a few posts for their Cancerwise blog. I had never heard of the blog, but when I got a chance to skim through a few posts, I was excited to be a part of the project.

During the process, Aaliyah and Rayne even had a chance to "write" blog posts of their own. "Write" is in quotation marks because what really happened is that I was given a long list of questions to ask them, and I basically typed their answers word for word, which I submitted back to the communications department. Through the answers to the questions, blog posts were created - using their own words, but pulling out the main themes and structuring the answers into a coherent story. 

The question and answer process was surprisingly therapeutic. Rayne actually had a lot to say that I didn't expect. Her blog post will come out soon, as well as one more of mine.

Here's the link to Aaliyah's post:
3 Things I Learned From Ewing's Sarcoma Treatment

And the link to mine:
4 Things I Learned From My Daughter's Ewing's Sarcoma Treatment

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