Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sweet, Sweet Summer

Summer has officially begun!

Not only that, but I officially no longer have any elementary school children!

We spent our first week of summer lazing around, but we'll hit the ground running tomorrow with athletics conditioning camps and VBS for the kids, and a whole lot of writing and errands for me - to include teaching our 15-year-old how to drive!

Last week I submitted the second book in the Shield series: Luke and Natalie's story. As I wait to hear back on whether or not I'll need to revise (my guess is YES, according to my track record so far), I need to finish up my Art Facts Sheet and then get cracking on my proposal for the third book, featuring Hunter and Triss. 

I bought myself a giant wall calendar the other day so I could set up a writing schedule and keep track of my deadlines. Unfortunately, I realized when I got home that the calendar begins in July, so I had to draw myself a June page - but I made it work.

I still can hardly believe I get to do this stuff, and I'm beginning to have a lot more fun with it, even if I'm a bit of a slowpoke. 

Speaking of being a slowpoke, I've been "running" for about four years or so. I put 'running' in quotes because I am not fast. It's more like jogging. But, oh my goodness. It is so stinkin' hot right now in Houston that my morning jogs have been torture. Nevertheless, I have fitness goals I'm working on along with my writing goals. Hoping to get five runs in this week, as well as two to three fitness classes I signed up for in my neighborhood. I keep signing up and not going. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to a PiYo class, which I haven't done in weeks. We shall see if I can muster up the motivation. 

In between the writing and exercising, I'll be lesson planning for my upcoming summer courses and hopefully doing a bunch of reading-for-leisure. As for fun stuff with the kids, they've all got pretty busy schedules this year, so I guess we will enjoy our downtime when we can. Planning to use the pool a lot, eat a bunch of watermelon, and play some good old fashioned board games. Of course, we'll also be heading to see Incredibles 2, and we've got to fit in some bowling because it's tradition. We'd like to do a quick beach day trip, and maybe a waterpark. Oh, and Sonic happy hours - can't forget that. I keep reading about a local pie truck I want to check out, too. Oh, who am I kidding? Despite their busy schedules, I still have high hopes for the summer, and I'll be sure to post some pics of the highlights!