Sunday, August 5, 2018

Leaping through the Summer

Well, we only have three weeks left of summer, and I continue to make small leaps out of my comfort zone and into new experiences in 2018!

1. I submitted an essay to Writer's Digest Magazine, and I received a rejection. However, it was a "good" rejection with encouragement to resubmit, so I call it a win! Brainstorming my next idea for them because I'd really like to break in.

2. Attended the Romance Writers of America Conference in Denver - all by myself! It was a fabulous trip, minus an unexpected bout with social anxiety that my sister Shirlee had to talk me off the ledge from and send a friend to my rescue! I may have enjoyed the downtime in my hotel room almost as much as I enjoyed chatting with other authors and attending workshops!

3. Attended a local writer's meeting at the college where I work. Interesting and fun to get to know other writers of all different backgrounds and genres. A few attendees brought material for the group to read and critique.

4. This has nothing to do with writing, but I gave a "hair talk" for a local adoption group. Interested in a quick overview of what I've learned the hard way when caring for my daughters' gorgeous curls? Here's a link to the presentation: 

5. Put a Facebook author chat on my calendar for next week. I'll be chatting with a sweet group of ladies in California who recently read Dying to Remember

6. Also, nothing to do with writing, but I did a trial class at an Orange Theory location, and it was incredibly hard and awesome! Unfortunately, it was also incredibly out of our budget.

7. Joined a local running club and put in my first 6-miler since the winter!

Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead...but nah! There's too much adventure to be had. As long as I have the health to try new things, I will be courageous. We only pass through this life once, after all. Grab hold of new opportunities that might make your heart sing! They might also lead to embarrassment, disappointment, or regret - but no regret is greater than one unanswerable question at the end of our lives: what if?

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