A killer lies in wait...
And now she's in danger.

To halt a killing spree, bodyguard Triss Everett tightens security at the senior community where she volunteers - and makes herself a target. Her coworker, widower Hunter Knox, won't let the woman he care about more than he should become the next victim. But working together to find the murderer in their midst is the most challenging job he's ever taken on - and the most dangerous.

*Security Measures is Book 3 in the Shield Protection Series.
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Protecting her was his job.
Failure wasn't an option.

After Natalie Harper was left at the altar, enjoying her honeymoon alone is the best way to cope - until she's attacked on the beach. Luke Everett, the bodyguard secretly hired by her federal judge father, arrives just in time to rescue her. It'll take all his professional skills to keep Natalie safe. One wrong move and they could fall prey to the enemy's deadly scheme.

*Shattered Trust is Book 2 in the Shield Protection Series.

Her missing memories could expose a killer.

After a gunshot wound to the head, Ella Camden turns to the only man she knows will believe she's been targeted, ex-love and security expert Roman DeHart. Trouble is, amnesia keeps her from remembering why someone might be after her. Roman let her go once. This time he'll do whatever it takes to make sure she stays alive - and his - forever.

*Dying to Remember is Book 1 in the Shield Protection Series.

Trapped at sea.

In an instant Kathryn Brooks's idyllic transatlantic cruise turns to terror. It's hard to believe someone has it out for her, yet chandeliers don't explode on their own - and her best friend has gone missing. But Secret Service agent Sam West vows to protect her as every corridor poses a threat and any stranger may be an assailant. With the ship's security providing little assistance, Kathryn puts her trust in Sam. Yet losing her own life is no longer her only fear. As she and Sam strive to stay a step ahead of the enemy, Kathryn worries that by caring for Sam...she's put a target on his back, as well.