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Dandelion Seeds

Hi, friend!

By day, I work in healthcare marketing and internal communications. By nights and weekends, I hang out with my kids, read good books, play the piano, take long walks, and write. After Jesus, those are the things that bring me the most joy and peace in this unpredictable life. 

I'm a recovering planaholic, worrywart, and people-pleaser on a quest to seek a life of peace, love, and integrity. Writing is a non-negotiable on that quest, though it took a backseat to life demands and traumas for several years. During those years, my personal journals were the only outlet for my thoughts and ideas.  Unable to distinguish between authentic vulnerability and TMI, I wrote thousands of words on my laptop in password-protected files and kept my writing absolutely private. And then I remembered what I've always loved most about words: sharing them.

So here I am, writing for the sake of writing because even if my words bring hope to just one person, it's worth the risk.

Publishing Credits

Publishers & Works


  • Tyndale Publishing House - Every Woman's Prayer Journal (2025)

  • Harlequin - Love Inspired Suspense: Security Measures (2019)

  • Harlequin - Love Inspired Suspense: Shattered Trust (2018)

  • Harlequin - Love Inspired Suspense: Dying to Remember (2016)

  • Harlequin - Love Inspired Suspense: Undercurrent (2013)


  • Living Magazine 

  • Cy-Fair & Katy Magazines

  • Today's Christian Woman

  • Baltimore's Style Magazine

  • Digestive Health & Nutrition

  • The Maryland Gazette

Magazine Stack

M.A., Writing, Nonfiction Concentration - Johns Hopkins University
B.A., Journalism, Public Relations Concentration - University of Maryland at College Park

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